Reviews of Local Florists By City

American Fork, UT

American Fork Flower Patch ★★★★★ 1894 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful flowers. Arranged perfectly. Delivery was awesome."

Aventura, FL

Miami Gardens Florist ★★★★★ 1871 reviews, Read All
"LOVE getting the picture of the arrangements! Will most definitely use your service again. The flowers were STUNNING! Thank you so much!! 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Boca Raton,, FL

Kimberly's Flowers of Boca Raton ★★★★★ 556 reviews, Read All
"Looks beautiful!! Thank you for sending the picture!"

Bountiful, UT

Bountiful Flower Patch ★★★★★ 3792 reviews, Read All

Chelsea, MA

Salvy the Florist and Val's of Chelsea ★★★★★ 130 reviews, Read All
"They were very helpful and made it very easy to order flowers I am very happy to recommend them and there service"

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist Co. ★★★★★ 18480 reviews, Read All
"Not only do I love this grouping of cactus but the bowl is very pretty. It adds a lot to a grouping of plants I already have. Delivered on time and in great condition. It didn't come with care instructions but since it's cactus I can pretty much figure it out."

Chicago, IL

Donna's Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 400 reviews, Read All
"Great service and quality."

Columbus, OH

Carriage House of Flowers ★★★★★ 170 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful, thank you"

Corvallis, OR

Expressions In Bloom ★★★★★ 2152 reviews, Read All
"Looks like a Costco bouquet"

Dallas, TX

McShan Florist ★★★★★ 42734 reviews, Read All
"the flowers look good but the name is spelled wrong. It is Katyna."

Davenport, FL

Flower Power - Flowers, Wine and More ★★★★★ 1737 reviews, Read All
"Love getting a picture of the flowers that will be sent. Thanks!"

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Flowers of Fort Lauderdale ★★★★★ 2167 reviews, Read All

Fort Worth, TX

Gordon Boswell Flowers ★★★★★ 341 reviews, Read All
"Very satisfied!"

Gurnee, IL

Balmes Flowers Gurnee ★★★★★ 1138 reviews, Read All
"Lovely Thanks for the picture"

Hesperia, CA

Fairy Tales Flowers ★★★★★ 71 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful I love the colors and the flower selection Missing babys breath tho <3"

Houston, TX

Breen's Florist ★★★★★ 9399 reviews, Read All
"Thanks for the photo. This is a great service to the customer. We are happy to see what we are sending."

Jenks, OK

Rathbone's Flair Flowers of Tulsa ★★★★★ 468 reviews, Read All
"Thanks for sending a picture I do appreciate that,"

Jupiter, FL

Driftwood Florist ★★★★★ 2355 reviews, Read All
"Great assistance"

Jupiter, FL

Flowermart ★★★★★ 3058 reviews, Read All
"Looks great"

Lima, OH

The Flowerloft ★★★★★ 47 reviews, Read All

Lynn, MA

Salvy the Florist ★★★★★ 9059 reviews, Read All
"Thank you"

Magnolia, AR

Magnolia Blossom Florist ★★★★★ 17 reviews, Read All
"I LOVE getting to see what I sent! Also, I appreciate the extra-special service I received when I called. Thank you so much!"

Millbury, MA

Floral Elegance ★★★★★ 563 reviews, Read All
"Our office had ordered flowers and Beverly was kind enough to send a picture of them via email. Sadly, it was not at all what we had envisioned. HOWEVER, Beverly was spectacular & made sure that the flowers did not get delivered. She replaced those flowers with the most beautiful and perfect combination of flowers in a new arrangement. Beverly is AMAZING and we very much appreciate her going "above & beyond" to create the perfect arrangement for us. We are THRILLED! Thank you so much!! In the future, we will only use Floral Elegance for flower arrangements in their delivery area."

Naugatuck, CT

Terri's Flower Shop ★★★★★ 701 reviews, Read All
"Lee loved the flowers/plant! You never fail to please! She still has the plant we ordered last year and it has buds! It's nice to know we can order flowers for family and friends from afar without any worry. We'll be back! Thank you!MLS"

New York, NY

Floral Strategies ★★★★★ 2 reviews, Read All
"Tim, Thank you for visiting my shop. Your techniques on helping build my business are valuable. Having been in the flower business all of my life, your presentation has made it clear to me that you are never too old to listen and learn. We look forward to implementing your strategies to help move our business grow and compete at a higher level. I highly recommend that florists of any size, any where, take advantage of what you offer."

Newton Centre, MA

Bloomsbury Park Flowers ★★★★★ 384 reviews, Read All
"What a wonderful arrangement The salesperson was very helpful. "

Ogden, UT

Ogden Flower Patch ★★★★★ 1955 reviews, Read All
"These are wonderful and so big"

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Flower Kingdom ★★★★★ 3953 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful arrangement for my Mom! Thank you ?"

Park Ridge, IL

Kiko's Flower and Gifts ★★★★★ 444 reviews, Read All
"Thanks! I appreciate seeing the arrangement as I am in AZ and not able to be with her! Beautiful arrangement! Thanks again! Sandy Dale"

Pembroke, NH

Nicole's Greenhouse and Florist ★★★★★ 478 reviews, Read All
"Thank you for the beautiful flowers delivered today to my Mom in the hospital! I appreciate your help in selecting just the right arrangement - she loves the colors!"

Provo, UT

Provo Flower Patch ★★★★★ 3051 reviews, Read All
"Thank you for making the whole process smooth and easy!"

Roanoke, VA

George's Flowers ★★★★★ 10547 reviews, Read All
"The flower arrangement was beautiful! Thank you so much!"

Salt Lake City, UT

Flower Patch ★★★★★ 18345 reviews, Read All
"Family Forever arrangement was ordered with yellow ribbon . Can you change it ?"

San Antonio, TX

Spring Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 1405 reviews, Read All
"Best florists in San Antonio."

Staten Island, NY

Moravian Florist, Gifts and Home Accents ★★★★★ 4132 reviews, Read All
"Absolutely gorgeous flowers! Moravian never disappoints! Absolutely the best florist with the best customer service!"

Sugar Land, TX

House of Blooms ★★★★★ 2529 reviews, Read All
"Thanks for the good customer service and special thanks to Megan. You guys do an awesome job."

Vienna, VA

Karin's Florist ★★★★★ 5789 reviews, Read All
"I love Karin’s florist!! Excellent customer service, beautiful arrangements and locally owned."

Waterford, CT

Hoelck's Florist and Bouquets of Fruit ★★★★★ 3172 reviews, Read All
"Hoelck's never disappoints ! Thank you for the lovely arrangement !"

Whitestone, NY

QG Floral & Landscape ★★★★★ 62 reviews, Read All
"Looks beautiful. Thanks so much"

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